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superior phenotype and maternal tra‚Äčits

Registered Black Hereford

ET and AI Program

Cattle For Sale

Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer

At the Biermann Ranch we strive to get the best genetics on the market into our herd. By using AI we can get different sires from all around the country and introduce the best part of their genetics into our program. Our ET program is used to create the most uniform dams and calves we can achieve.  We are currently in the process of getting a new black Hereford donor dam to introduce better genetics into the herd. Calf coming soon!

Our AI program coupled with our ET program allows us to provide the most uniform calf crop out there with the best pedigree and EPD's we can offer.

Accelerated Genetics- A semen vendor. Accelerated provides semen on some of the best sires in the industry, this allows us to use the top sires and get their DNA in our herd.

Accelerated Genetics

STGenetics- This is who we use for sexed semen to get the desired sex in the calf we want. ST Genetics goes out and seeks only the best sires in the industry for sexing semen on. The new ultra4 semen is the most advanced on the market and provides 90% accuracy for sex of calf! 

ST Genetics

Agrimark Genetics- This is who we use for our AI and ET work located in Kingsbury, TX.

Agrimark Genetics