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superior phenotype and maternal tra​its

Registered Hereford

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The Sires of Our Dams

Below are the pictures of some of the grandsires and sires of our dams as we improved our genetics through our ET and AI program. By using these great sires we were able to get so many good traits in such a short period of time breed into our dams so that they could produce the best black Hereford cattle around.

These cattle have superior phenotype without sacrificing maternal traits.

KCF Bennett Encore Z311 ET

"Encore is one of the Most Popular Sires Available in the Hereford Breed for his Remarkable Calving Ease with Tremendous Growth and Carcass Offerings.

Encore has been used with Success on Heifers and Cows in the NJW and KCF Programs to add Performance and Carcass Value in a Dense Bodied, Structurally Correct Package.

He is in Rare Air for the Traits that Influence $CHB...Notably his Marbling and Carcass Weight well into the Top 1% of the Population.

Encore is a Homozygous Polled "Breed Changer" Kind of Bull" - ST Genetics

KCF Bennett Bloodline A260 ET

Bloodline is a Unique Individual who was a Standout in his Calf Crop and Retained for In-Herd use by Knoll Crest.

He Scanned the Largest Ribeye Ever Measured at Knoll Crest Farm, of Any Breed.

His Calving Ease on Heifers has been Excellent and he will see continued use in the KCF Program to Generate Tremendous Females.

Bloodline is Homozygous Polled with 100% Pigment in Both Eyes." - ST Genetics

KCF Bennett Homeland C34

Homeland offers a Rare Opportunity to Accomplish Multi-Trait Improvement in One Generation.

He is Dark Red, Short Marked with Red Eyes and is Homozygous Polled.

His Proficient Dam is a Model Cow in the KCF Program and his Grandmother is a Powerful Flush Sisiter to Encore's Dam.

Homeland was the Top Selling Bull at Knoll Crest this spring and is seeing Heavy Use in their Program." - ST Genetics


"Sensation 2504 - Combination of Power and Pedigree.

He puts calving ease, disposition, length of spine, depth of body, agility and muscle into a complete package.

He mixes calving ease, vigor and the growth of Sensation with the powerfully made Ladysport Dew matron.

His dam, Ladysport Dew 78P, is one of the most prolific, high earning cows in the breed.

He excels in all the relevant traits of beef production - calving ease, growth, maternal, and end product merit."- Accelerated Genetics 

TH 223 71I VICTOR 755T

"755T, his daughters are his legacy. His daughters are moderate framed, easy fleshing, with excellent udder quality.

He is a Trait Leader for marbling and CHB.

His sons have consistently been featured at Topp's bull sales.

He is a widely proven balanced trait sire, that excels for both maternal and end product value. " - Accelerated Genetics

The Sires of our Herd

We use BRCC Top Cat 4248 1217 620ET as our clean up bull after all ET and AI work is complete for the season. We try to use proven black Hereford sires and in such a young breed that is hard to do. We have found a few that are proven sires, they come from JM Cattle Company and Johansen Black Herefords. By using AI we are able to use there proven genetics and introduce them into our herds proven Hereford genetics from Churchill, Rausch and Knoll Crest Farms to have excellent black Hereford cattle for sale. Our cleanup bull BRCC Top Cat 4248 1217 620ET is from Crane Farms and is sired by one of the best Hereford Bulls in the Breed Wildcat. Read about him below!

BRCC TOP CAT 4248 1217 620ET

 Top Cat is used as our herd clean up bull and is Heterozygous Black and 90% Purebred Black Hereford. 

HIs Sire Wildcat owned by Colyer Herefords won 2015 Ft. Worth Stock Grand Champion and 2015 National Western Jr. Polled Bull Champion and is a breed changing bull. His Dam is the best cow in the Black Hereford Breed JN Baldee 1217 selling over $80,000 in progeny to date.  He offers great pigment and docility and an unbelievable pedigree. 

JO Black Jack 4217

"This bull is the real deal. He is homozygous black and homozygous polled and is a purebred (87.5%). His dam is awesome and comes from one of our best cow families. " JO Bulls, LLC

JMCC BF Impression 518

"Black Hereford 72% 

Impression is the real Deal!! Homozygous Polled and Homozygous Black! With an impressive 41cm scrotal at yearling. Weaning weight ratio of 106(699lb) and yearling weight ratio of 107 (1209lb) he has it all. Actual birthweight of 80 lb. He scanned a ribeye of 1.21 REA/CWT and IMF 3.04. Some people talk about their bulls but Impression has the numbers to back him up!!!" - JM Cattle Company


"Purebred Black Hereford 87.5%

Double bred to the original black Hereford bull BJH Balder 7504, who is out of a great sire of distinction. He is Homozygous Black and a Purebred which makes him very special." JO Bulls, LLC